ANTiSEEN '09: Jon Bowman, Jeff Clayton, Phil Keller, and Joe Young.
Pic by Jeff Williams
Latest News: January 2013

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we're kicking off 2013 by making these CUSTOMIZED WASHBOARDS available for sale.

All are hand decorated by Jeff Clayton . No two are alike. You can decide how you want your board designed or just let Clayton go with it. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Time MAY be way sooner than that but please be patient all the same. Overseas please email for actual shipping rate to your country. Please email with any requests or questions. Boards used at live shows may be purchased but please request in advance...cuz if you've ever seen an ANTiSEEN show, you know that life expectancy for these boards is not very long. Show-used boards will be slightly more price wise so as stated, please make requests in advance. $80 price includes board, artwork and shipping within the USA. Overseas orders will have to contact me to get the actual shipping costs figured out.

(boards pictured are not for sale but are examples of boards commissioned by other folks.)


Til next time...

- JC

Past News: January 2012's been a hell of a long time since we've put any NEWS up here but now we have plenty of NEWS to report. First off, we will be heading back over to Europe in May. All the dates/clubs/cities are posted on the front page of the site. We are looking forward to seeing all our old friends and fans and hope a whole slew of new ones will come out to see the boys sing a song or two!

 RELEASES : Speaking of Europe, our new pal's at Switchlight Records out of Sweden will be putting out an LP/CD release entitled NEW BLOOD. This is a collection of the singles we've done over the last three years and is also the place to get the now turned crowd favorite song THE MYSTERIOUS GREEN MIST!!! The release will coincide with the Euro tour then be available stateside afterwards.

  JUST RELEASED : The new split 7" with FLAT TIRES on Rusty Knuckles Records. White vinyl w/ download card and a bad arse silk screened cover printed by ANTiSEEN alumni Greg Clayton. go to and order now.

COMING SOON : Our second split 7" with out pals BRODY'S MILITIA on Give Praise Records. Our side features an all new original called "Reconstruction" co authored with our pal John Bridges from Mystery School Records & Rapegoat. The track also features some fine organ playing from Biggy Stardust (who's new Jon Bowman recorded/mixed album will be hittin' the merch stand SOON)

BADWILL AMBASSADORS vinyl reissue / download card. That's right, it's BACK!!! With all new packaging and all the singles recorded during this session have been added to the track listing making it three songs longer than before. from the great team over at Green Mist Records.

 LIVE IN AUSTIN TX . Recorded during our 2011 tour with ZEKE & JOE BUCK YOURSELF & GODDAMNED GALLOWS at Austin's famed RED 7 club. Out soon on Digital Warfare Records.

BLOOD OF FREAKS 12" reissue from TKO Records. DAMN, if you've seen the treatment that TKO has given the recent Poison Idea reissue then you know what your in for....if not, get this : Remastered tracks from "Blood Of Freaks" and most of the singles from that same time period with gatefold sleeve and tons of never seen before photos and all new liner notes and reflections from the recording sessions. OUT SOON.

GG ALLIN & ANTiSEEN - VIOLENCE NOW b/w COCK ON THE LOOSE - The Long out of print single from Jettison records gets a second life courtesy of Green Mist Records for Record Store Day this April. Limited edition of 500 with 300 being pressed on SHIT BROWN vinyl!!!!!

In closing, we hope to make it out to different parts of the country this year and hopefully meet a lot of you in person. Come see us in Sept at the MUDDY ROOTS FESTIVAL!! if we arent enough to drag ya out then come out for such greats as Dale Watson, Joe Buck Yourself, The Pine Box Boys, Rev. Horton Heat and the legendary Dr. RALPH STANLEY!!!!!

We will be playing back in our hometown of Charlotte, NC with our old pals THE BELMONT PLAYBOYS & special guest CHOW TIGER....but that's just the LAST part of the evening...all during the day can spend the first part of the day shopping at the second CAROLINA VINYL & CD show also being held at Tremont Music Hall.....admission for the record show is only $2.00 and starts at 10am.

There are LOTS of other things to report for the upcoming year but we'll let ya digest all of this and get some 100% confirmations on the rest before we start blabbing.

Remember, for bookings contact Christain Brooks at BUCKET CITY AGENCY (face book)

Til next time.......

- JC

Past News: Summer 2009
Hello, Ya’ll !!!!

We are just back from the Southeastern / Texas tour and we’d like to say thanks to all the friends and fans that came out to the shows. We’d especially like to thank our touring partner Joe Buck Yourself along with Walt & Heather Wheat, Christian Brooks, Danarky, Doug Long from Brody’s Militia, Thee Whiskey Rebel & Marla Vee, Alcoholics Unanimous, Buzzcrusher, Before I Hang, Bruce Rhoares, Jeff Skipski, The Cut Throats, Shit, Beer Reebs, the night watchman at the Alamo, Dirty Charlie, Trevor in Ft. Worth, Whiskey Dick, Gary & Black Eyed Vermillion, The STDs in Little Rock, Marcus and Connie for flying all the way from Germany to see these shows…again, and all the clubs and promoters who were very good to us

In other news, Michael Pilmer and I are gonna work hard to beef up this site with lots to look at and do since My Space is starting to censor our site there. I put up an excellent quote from Clint Eastwood about how people are just too PC nowadays about every goddamned thing and within a week it was gone. Also some of the bloody live pics are getting pulled off as well as any “un-pc” comments left by other bands or fans. We will not be censored here on!!!

You may notice soon that a lot of the merchandise is out of stock too. Please be patient and we will try to either re-stock what’s out or hopefully get up a lot of new shit soon.
Speaking of new shit, the cd compilation DRINK, FIGHT & FUCK from Zodiac Killer Records is out now. You will be able to order the CD from us and you can get the double vinyl LP from Mr. Ron Zodiac himself at The comp features an all new recording with the new Aseen line up of the SEX PISTOL’S “Belsen Was A Gas”. The comp also features tracks by Blag Dalia of THE DWARVES, Eddie Spaghetti of The SUPERSUCKERS, HELLSTOMPER, BEFORE I HANG, POLECAT BOOGIE REVIVAL, and many,many more!!!!!
Also out now from Zodiac Killer Records is the long out of print actual LAST recording of the late great GG ALLIN. GG ALLIN & The CAROLINA SHITKICKERS is back out on 7” red vinyl with a new cover layout. These wont last long so order it up today!

My humble apologies to everyone who has ordered from the site and had to wait so long to get their shit. I will have that under control here soon as well.

It looks like it could be June or later for the JEFF CLAYTON & The MONGRELS ep to come out. We’ll keep ya posted.

For those of you who miss the greatness of Hellstomper & Polecat Boogie Revival, be sure to check out Alan King & the Beer Drinking Christians on MySpace. We here in ANTiSEEN wish the King and his Miss’ the best of luck on their relocation to the western USA. The South will miss you Mr. King.

Here are a few things to think about that are in the planning stages at the moment….All wrestling songs comp CD, NEW Antiseen EP, split 10” with The DEAD KINGS, Vinyl release of THE BEST OF,

Well, damn…I guess that’s it for now. Be sure to keep checking the site for updates and show listings as we will be playing up and down the East Coast and Mid West all summer long.

Hope to see ya’ll at the shows,

- JC

PAST NEWS - Winter 2008 / 2009:

Hello friends and fans!

Here's whats coming up in the next few months in our camp:

The first of the new releases you “should “ be seeing will be the ANTiSEEN / BRODY'S MILITIA split 7” on HAUNTED HOTEL Records out of New York. Our side features a demo version of Black Flag's FIX ME along with some raw live tracks from a show in Raleigh, NC and some other surprises. The cover is one of the best yet with art by Bill Hauser.

Next The JEFF CLAYTON & the MONGRELS ep is finishing up and will be released by Steel Cage Records out of Philadelphia. The ep will have three songs, 1. IF I HAD A THOUSAND DOLLARS (Rupture) , 2. NEED IT BAD (Mad Brother Ward), and 3. WARHERO (Antiseen) plus it will come with a download card that will allow you to download the ep plus two bonus tracks 1. PSYCHO ( Sonics) and 2. THE WOLFPACK RIDES THE NIGHT (Simon Stokes).

Also on Steel Cage in early to mid 09 will be the release of the 25th YEAR ANTiVERSARY show DVD!

I am pleased to announce that we have also joined the roster of ZODIAC KILLER RECORDS and will be part of the DRINK, FIGHT & FUCK compilation due out in Feb.

We will be submitting our version of the Sex Pistols “ BELSEN WAS A GAS ”. There are more projects lined up as well but it may be a bit early to discuss those right now, maybe in the next update. This track will mark the recording debut of the new line up that consists of  Jon Bowman on bass and Phil Keller on drums.

There is so much more on the back burner from TKO & Steel Cage which I will let you know about on the next update once everything is more concrete.

This year will also see many more split singles and new, original tracks for eps and the new lp.

Keep an eye on the shows section on the front page cuz starting in January we will be playing somewhere every month all this year with an extended tour planned in April to the great state of TEXAS!!!  We are working with BUCKET CITY booking now so if you want us in your town get in touch with Christian Brooks through the link on the front page.

Remember, if you happen to be in the Lenoir, North Carolina area, stop by and see Joe & BBQ Young at their music store REPO DEPOT @ 2311 Morganton Blvd., Lenoir, NC.

Til next time,

- JC